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The leading UK HPC consultancy for higher education

Red Oak Consulting can help you specify, procure, implement, and manage HPC solutions to:

  • Support your organisation’s intensive research work
  • Encourage research investment in your university
  • Position you as a globally competitive place for researchers

Find out how we have helped hundreds of organisations get the very best from their HPC solutions.

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Find out how Red Oak Consulting can help you specify, procure, implement, and manage your university's HPC solution.

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We are the leading UK HPC consultancy for research universities ready to invest in HPC

The certified HPC experts at Red Oak Consulting can successfully guide you through all stages of the HPC project lifecycle. Our team have an unrivalled track record of success, backed up by a reputation for professionalism, integrity, cutting edge technical knowledge and exceptional customer service.


Click to call: 01242 806 188

Available 09:00 – 17:30

Click to call: 01242 806 188

Available 09:00 – 17:30

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University of Hull

With 1.25 million hours of research delivered in the first month, and a boost to their position in the market, find out how The University of Hull became one of the top 10 research universities in the UK, thanks to Red Oak Consulting.


Working against aggressive timescales and using existing Microsoft Azure software infrastructure, find out how Red Oak Consulting assisted KAUST in building and developing the 7th most powerful supercomputer in the world.

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  • HPC Planning & Procurement Support
  • Software Development & Engineering
  • Acceptance Testing
  • TCO modelling
  • Cloud Analysis, Strategy, PoC, Migration
  • On-Going HPC Managed Services
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Technical Assurance 
  • HPC Audits
  • Change Management
  • Technical Architecture
  • System Design & Build

High Performance Computing 

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Proven track record of 

customer satisfaction


HPC procurements ranging 

from £100k to £45 million 


HPC projects 

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"Red Oak did a fantastic job of engaging with senior researchers from across our academic schools, eliciting valuable feedback and providing us with insights that will inform our strategic planning."

Clare Gryce
Deputy IT Director (Operations and Research), 
University of Sussex

HPC: Debugging those Myths

Using our proven track record and experience as independent HPC consultants, we have debunked a few of the most common HPC myths out there.

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  • Does your university need HPC?
  • What are the pros and cons of staying on premises?
  • What are the advantages and pitfalls of the Cloud?


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"Red Oak Consulting have been vital to solving some of our most complex challenges"

Richard Lawrence MRCS CRP CEng,
Principal Fellow – Technology, Met Office

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Dairsie Latimer 
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